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How to Design a Shed for Your Garden or Yard?

February 17, 2016 Landscaping

How to Design a Shed for Your Garden or Yard?



If you have a garden, or if you have a vehicle and you do not have a garage, then you can design a shed to keep your plants safe. You can create a design according to the space that you have. Or alternatively, you can also use foldable sheds and combine different varieties of wood to design and perfect the art of making sheds:


•Utilizing the free space that is available is important before you start designing the shed plan andlayout. You can make use of the measuring tape and measure the area where you plan to install the shed. If you have small gardening tools and saplings, then you can build a small shed, but if you want to save your car from getting affected by rain, snow and storm, then it is better to build a spacious and large shed. Read More … →

Openhouse in Hollywood Hills by Xten Architecture

January 15, 2016 Modern House Design

Description from Architect:
The Openhouse is embedded into a narrow and sharply sloping property in the Hollywood Hills, a challenging site that led to the creation of a house that is both integrated into the landscape and open to the city below. Retaining walls are configured to extend the first floor living level into the hillside and to create gardens on two levels. The front, side and rear elevations of the house slide open to erase all boundaries between indoors and out, connecting the spaces to gardens on both levels. [ Xten Architecture ]

Glass, in various renditions, is the primary wall enclosure material. There are forty-four sliding glass panels, each seven feet wide by ten feet high and configured to disappear into hidden pockets and allow for uninterrupted views and access to exterior terraces and gardens. There are also fixed glass walls, mirror glass walls and light gray specular glass panels which lend lightness to the interior spaces.

Privacy Wall GS Design by Steelcase, Combines High-End Aesthetics with the Uncommon Planning Flexibility of Moveable Walls

January 14, 2016 Interior Design

Steelcase was founded in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan by a few people with a strong commitment to integrity and doing the right thing for their customers, employees, business partners, associates and neighbors.
Privacy Wall GS is one of their collections.
Description of all GS :
Privacy Wall GS combines high-end aesthetics with the uncommon planning flexibility of moveable walls.
Its aluminum frame reflects the architectural profile of Post and Beam, creating an endless array of planning possibilities using the two complimentary products – from enclosed private offices to completely freestanding individual workstation.

Privacy Wall GS:
* Anodized aluminum frame construction
* Matches Post and Beam profile
* Can span up to 10’ without additional vertical support
* Panels are factory glazed
*Unique corner unit with dry butt-glaze feature

Read More … →

Minimalist Home Designed by Andrea Oliva

January 14, 2016 minimalist house design

This minimalist house was designed by Andrea Oliva from Cittaarchitettura. According to the Digsdigs : It occupies a flat area about 60m away from the street. The house has a rectangular shape of approximately 11 m wide, 34 m long and 6 m tall. It visually consists of two elements: the porch made of concrete and finished with white plaster, and the main body inside of it. Large windows that frame a beautiful landscape around it are protected by the depth of the porch during the summer. These windows have wooden frames with laminated glazing so they are also protected from cold winds during the winter. The flat roof features solar panels that provides the home with an electricity and a hot water. source

Minimalist Home Designed by Andrea Oliva Read More … →

Interior Design with Wooden Boards on Floor, Wall and Ceiling

January 13, 2016 Interior Design, Modern House Design

Here are collection from Harper & Sandilands, interior design with wooden boards on floor, wall and ceiling. Harper & Sandilands is the company that specialize in premium wood floors and matched to them elements of decor. They are using American Oak, American Walnut, Manchurian Walnut and Larch to achieve very unique finishes and colors for their products. For further detail visit Harper & Sandilands site. Via

Interior Design with Wooden Boards Read More … →

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