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How to Choose Bathtub | Tips in Choosing Bathtub

October 11, 2011 By: archinhome Category: Bathroom Designs, Furniture

Before we explain the special product from Alegna, first we explain how to choose bathtub. What type of bathtub do you want? Here few tips in choosing bathtub :

1. Determine the optimal space for your bath, not too little nor too much, which relieved the space helps you to relax and find new ideas. Choose the size bathtub in accordance with your bathroom.

2. Choose a corner or a long bath to suit your needs: for use with the couple, with family or a simple bath.

3. Get to know the color of the tub and its influence. The use of bright color bathtub more hiding dust and dirt water soapy water marks, whereas darker colors will expose these impurities, including residual soap.

4. Add the lights dim / dim in the bath area to produce a warm room setting and relaxed.

Above are tips in choosing bathtub, below is special bathtub from Alegna.

How to Choose Bathtub | Tips in Choosing Bathtub

Modern wooden bathtub from Alegna


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