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Modern Decorative Sofa Make Interior More Interesting

June 09, 2011 By: archinhome Category: Furniture, Sofas Design

When you arrive in your friend’s home, the door is still closed, what you are doing first? May be fist you knock on the door or push the bell. If the owner open the door and give permission to enter the home you may enter the home. At this time you will be invited into the living room, and then sit. How do you feel if the sitting place are modern and interesting like this sofa. Wow, it so interesting sofa. Yes, this decorative sofa by Teo Jasmin.
Modern Decorative Sofa Make Interior More Interesting
Teo Jasmin, she is an expert in digital printing and is also a freelance designer who has been able to put her talents together to create this amazing collection of sofas. The sofa itself is made out of painted beech wood and features a matte vinyl seat cushion as well. Honestly though, the real attraction here isn’t so much in the design of the sofa itself but instead in the printed image that is featured on the back of the sofa. Here there are three different options made available to you but we are sure that the ideas and possibilities are just about endless with a sofa like this one.
Modern Decorative Sofa Make Interior More Interesting.

Modern Decorative Sofa Make Interior More Interesting

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