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Darling Point Apartment by Stanic Harding – 2005 Interior Design Awards Finalist

May 01, 2011 By: archinhome Category: Apartments Design, Interior Design

Darling Point Apartment by Stanic Harding. This apartment is located at the end of Darling Point in a 22 storey, early sixties apartment building. This work of Stanic Harding architecture and interiors, and it become 2005 interior design awards finalist. The interior are really elegant, the main design idea from the architect was to enhance the view by concealing it at entry.

Darling Point Apartment by Stanic Harding

Openhouse in Hollywood Hills by Xten Architecture

September 07, 2010 By: archinhome Category: Modern House Design

Description from Architect:
The Openhouse is embedded into a narrow and sharply sloping property in the Hollywood Hills, a challenging site that led to the creation of a house that is both integrated into the landscape and open to the city below. Retaining walls are configured to extend the first floor living level into the hillside and to create gardens on two levels. The front, side and rear elevations of the house slide open to erase all boundaries between indoors and out, connecting the spaces to gardens on both levels. [ Xten Architecture ]

Glass, in various renditions, is the primary wall enclosure material. There are forty-four sliding glass panels, each seven feet wide by ten feet high and configured to disappear into hidden pockets and allow for uninterrupted views and access to exterior terraces and gardens. There are also fixed glass walls, mirror glass walls and light gray specular glass panels which lend lightness to the interior spaces.

Small Traditional House by Saunders Architecture in Bergen, Norway

September 04, 2009 By: archinhome Category: Architecture, Home Design

Small Traditional House by Saunders Architecture 1

Small Traditional House by Saunders Architecture 2

Small Traditional House designed by Saunders Architecture, located in Bergen, Norway. The brief for this project was to design an extension of 30m2 which is significantly different from the traditional cottage. To make the most of space, the architect designed an open kitchen with (more…)

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