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La Cornette, Country House with Luxury Interior Design

January 09, 2014 By: archinhome Category: Country House Design, Interior Design

La Cornette, Country House with Luxury Interior Design

Here are some picture of La Cornette, a country house in Quebec, Canada. This house was designed by Canadian architectural firm YH2.
The interior is in wood, painted or natural, in planks or panels, composed almost exclusively of made-to-measure furniture pieces:
* from the refectory table for meals to the day table with hideaway television set;
* from the large wraparound couch in the living room to the stainless-steel kitchen island;
* from the balustrade bookshelf along the stairway to the wall night-lights made of aluminum panels with cut-outs of fireflies, fish, and frogs;
* from wall-to-wall beds where people sleep foot-to-foot to overhanging bunk beds floating in the landscape

Choosing bunk beds for beloved children

October 19, 2010 By: archinhome Category: bedroom designs

Choosing bunk beds for beloved children
Bunk beds is one option for our beloved children, many manufacturers offer this bed. Ranging from wood to metal. Its design also attract the children’s attention . Nothing wrong if we decide to choose bunk beds for our beloved children.
Choosing the right bunk beds for children does not seem as easy as buying other furniture for your home. When it comes to choosing bunk beds, a safety factor is usually preferred. You are also charged with the baby fun than impose your own taste.

Choosing bunk beds for beloved children

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