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Welfare Centre Onni with Wooden Exterior and Interior Design

January 08, 2014 By: archinhome Category: Architecture

Welfare Centre Onni with Wooden Exterior and Interior Design

Here are some pictures of Welfare Centre Onni with Wooden in Exterior and Interior Design.
Pukkila is a small municipality (population 2000) in southern Finland, 100 km from Helsinki. The Welfare Centre Onni was possible only because of one man, Onni Nurmi, who was born and lived his early ages in Pukkila. In his last will he ordered that his assets – comprising Nokia shares – were to be put to use for recreational purposes for the elderly. The result of his gift was a design competition 2004 and the centre was ready 2008.

The Welfare Centre Onni includes sheltered housing units for physically handicapped elderly people and group homes for people with memory disorders, a health centre, rehabilitation and utility services for all residents of the municipality, complements the block of buildings surrounding the market square in the centre of Pukkila and gives a completely new face to the village centre.

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