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Ridgewood Residence Design by Assembledge+, Takes Full Advantage of Southern California Climate

December 16, 2013 By: archinhome Category: contemporary house design

Designed by Assembledge+, Ridgewood Residence Located in the Larchmont area of Los Angeles.
Description from Architects :
This 2400 sq ft house takes full advantage of the Southern California climate with a series of areas that exploit the luxury of indoor/outdoor-living. The glass-cornered living room provides a viewing platform, which makes the experience of the space feel as though the occupant is outside. The full-length front porch is reminiscent of the surrounding neighborhood craftsman homes. The cedar siding, smooth white plaster, and-colored MDO panels provide a material palette to complement the refined forms and crisp geometries. The full height sliding glass wall at the rear yard allows the house to be completely opened up providing little distinction between indoor and outdoor.
Please visit Assembledge+ site for further detail about this Ridgewood Residence.


Villa M2, Modern Villa in southern Sweden

October 16, 2013 By: archinhome Category: Beach House Design, Modern Home

Villa M2 is lake house design, located in southern Sweden, and Designed by Jonas Lindvall A&D. This modern Villa that surrounding with natural view. Lake view can be enjoyed trough large glass wall. Opening small swing pool make feels like on lake. The bedroom in upper floor and large glass wall make it has a large view to the lake. [ Via ]

Villa M2 Design, Modern Villa, Villa M2 Pictures, Lake House Design, Sweeden Architecture, Beautiful Villa, Holyday Hose Design

Villa M2 Design, Modern Villa, Villa M2 Pictures, Lake House Design, Sweden Architecture, Beautiful Villa, Holiday Hose Design

Contemporary House Design by Stanbolt Architect

September 23, 2013 By: archinhome Category: contemporary house design

Stanbolt Architect designed this house using cooper material for the roof extesion and designed in unique shape gesture. At upstairs, there is a modern deck and glass wall to capture the stunning views. [ Stanbolt Architect ]

Contemporary House Design, Copper roof extension

Copper Alloy Roof Extension, contemporary house design, modern deck and glass wall

Crescent House Design by Make Architects

July 22, 2013 By: archinhome Category: Architecture, Home Design

Designed by Make Architects, located in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. The Crescent House exemplifies how a novel form can fulfill the requirements of a brief better than a conventional box. As a shape, the crescent is ideally suited to personal living space, because it shelters and encloses while at the same time opening out and forging a sense of connection with the exterior world. The accommodation is formed by two nested crescents connected by a curving circulation and gallery space that runs the length of the building. The outer crescent contains bedrooms, bathrooms and private living areas and turns a solid convex wall to the nearby road, while the inner crescent is devoted to cooking, eating and relaxing. A full-height concave glass wall draws the early morning sun into the house and offers an uninterrupted prospect of the garden, while the arms of the inner crescent extend to frame the view, offering privacy and enclosure without confinement. See Other, by Make Architects.

Crescent House Design by Make Architects 1

Crescent House Design by Make Architects 2

Cowboys Stadium, Innovative Stadium by HKS in Dallas, United States

May 27, 2013 By: archinhome Category: Architecture

Cowboys Stadium, Innovative Stadium by HKS in Dallas, United States 1

Known as “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys are a global brand, commanding unequaled media coverage and an international following. No brand remains more dynamic in nature with a single-minded focus to excel. The Dallas Cowboys are progressive and innovative in their approach to sports development, fan experience, marketing and communication through all media.

Cowboys Stadium, Innovative Stadium by HKS in Dallas, United States 2

In recognition of the time-honored traditions and dynamic nature of the Dallas Cowboys, the facility is comprised of a modern palette of simple forms and materials that creates a fittingly progressive architectural expression.

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