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Aerialist, Comfortable Coffee Tables by Objeti

December 12, 2013 By: archinhome Category: Furniture

Objeti is a Cleveland based furniture design and manufacturing company, focusing on creating beautiful, honest, functional objects that are environmentally conscious. Aerialist, versatile coffee tables is one of it’s low tables collections.
Description of Aerialist | Plane Low Table :
The Aerialist Series are a set of versatile coffee tables which, with a turn of a lever, can easily flip to become a cushioned seat, tabletop, or a combination of both. The Plane is comprised of 4 rotating tops.
Dimensions: Length 35.5″ Width 35.5″ Height 16.5″
[ Objeti ]

coffee tables

Lighting Collections from Objeti

December 10, 2013 By: archinhome Category: Lighting Design

Here are some lighting collections from Objeti.
- Soft Tools – Radius
- Soft Tools – Chamfer
- Soft Tools – Ball
- Hangman
- Twiggy
Please visit Objeti site for further detail about this Lighting.

Interior Lighting (more…)

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