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Archetto Seating, Hi-tech Seating Design

January 09, 2014 By: archinhome Category: Modern House Design

Archetto Seating, Hi-tech Seating Design

This seating was designed by Sybarite and Marzorati Ronchetti. Modern and unique seating with various features built in. This called Archetto Seating, made of high density polystyrene covered in fibreglass and shaped by a CAD-CAM project, with a gloss paint finish. This technology makes the structure very light and, being divisible in 5 modules, it is easy to assemble and transport. A series of sockets is housed in the metal base of the structure.

Tips in chosing bunk bed for our children

December 28, 2013 By: archinhome Category: bedroom designs

There are some things we need to consider in choosing a bunk bed.
Calculate the area available
Early bunk beds made for a large room with a mediocre. However, putting bunk beds in one large room doesn’t matter. Before you buy, first measure the room or space available, ranging from large floor to height

Determine your needs
There are a variety of bunk beds that are available to meet different needs. In general there are two categories of basic bunk beds and lofted (loft), with various subcategories of these two models. There is also a configuration that offers a three-bed sleeping. This model is right for you when a friend who stayed impromptu or when the three children should share in one room.

Tips in chosing bunk bed for our children

Retro Dining Room Design Ideas | Retro Dining Room Furniture

October 04, 2011 By: archinhome Category: Dining Room, Interior Design

Retro Dining Room Design Ideas, Retro Dining Room Furniture. The use of furniture and accessories retro classic, looks very fit combined with floral motifs. Despite impressive past, but the room does not look ancient. To make it still look modern, furniture design and color selection becomes an important consideration.

Floral motifs in the form of large flower itself is one of the classic style features. Selection of an appropriate color makes it still look modern.

Retro Dining Room Design Ideas | Retro Dining Room Furniture

Elegant Retro Dining Room


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